Thanks partly to a rise in the number of fraudulent claims, and a compensation culture in which just about everyone involved in the slightest bump suddenly suffers from whiplash injuries, car insurance costs are about to increase dramatically and some estimates have put this as high as a 20% rise in current premiums. Now is probably the best time ever to find the cheapest possible insurance prices!

Fortunately, we now have the Internet. The time is not so long past when your only choice of shopping around for the best possible car insurance policy was to approach your local broker who had overheads and staff to pay for, and perhaps even shareholders to satisfy, so obviously a hefty commission had to be charged! Add to that the fact that restrictive practices used to be the norm and brokers could only deal with a fairly small proportion of the possible insurers and it is hardly surprising that you were not likely to get a terribly good deal. Now all you have to do is go online, search around for a while amongst the top insurance companies in the country and in exchange for a little bit of your own time you can save a very considerable sum indeed.

There are a few tips which are worth bearing in mind when looking for the ideal car insurance policy. Firstly, take a good look at the type of mileage you are likely to cover in the coming year, and if it is a low figure look around for an insurer who will give you a discount for that; many will if you ask for it. Check out just how secure your car is; fitting a burglar alarm and an immobiliser could not only save you the inconvenience of having to walk home on a wet Monday morning in February because some toerag has stolen your pride and joy, but could also save you a lot of money on your insurance policy as well. If you have a garage or a drive, make sure that you park the vehicle there every night and not on the roadway; that will often reduced premiums by a noticeable degree. Consider the advantages and disadvantages of paying a higher policy excess. Insurance companies reckon that people who voluntarily pay large excesses are much safer bets and those who don't; and so yet again premiums can drop considerably. Finally, shop around, shop around and then shop around a little more!

Every bit as important as finding a low price policy is making sure that the policy covers all the risks that you are likely to face. There is no point in having the cheapest car insurance policy in the universe if you don't get a payout when the worst comes to the worst!

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